1. Kolonia im Herbst.I love the architecture of this city,even if it’s covered.

  2. i scan it, therefore i own it. ist heute 2 geworden!

  3. Enjoying The Amsterdam

  5. Blue over the family.Tashkent 1960.



  7. Feelings reflected like animals.

    My new video finally there! Images captured in Cologne by me, sounds recorded in London from “Polygrains”. Feelings experienced all over.


  8. 2010 Γρεβενά.

  9. Αγριες φραουλες.

  10. pixelfigures:

    Day 4 - Aristotle

    Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and scientist. At eighteen, he joined Plato’s Academy in Athens. His writings cover many subjects – including physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theater, music, rhetoric, linguistics, politics and government – and constitute the first comprehensive system of Western philosophy. Shortly after Plato died, Aristotle left Athens and, at the request of Philip of Macedonia, tutored Alexander the Great between 356 and 323 BCE. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “Aristotle was the first genuine scientist in history. … Every scientist is in his debt.”

    (via 8bitavatars)